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Offroad Mongolia

Offroad Mongolia is one of the leading national companies in travel and tourism. Our Company has been operational since 2004, even though our company is young, we are still energetic and have one the most trusted network of hotel accommodation, restaurants, ger camps and fleet vehicles available at our dispose. Our founders and staff have been working in the tourism business for decades of years. -read more

Camel Safari

Have you ever wanted to ride a camel, experience armadillos, or see a sloth? With over 50 animals to meet and greet, there is something for everyone at Camel Safari.

We believe in conservation through education. Our hope is that an up-close and personal encounter with our animals will inspire you to to support and understand wildlife conservation. We are dedicated to making sure our animals are as happy and healthy as they can possibly be. -read more

Special thanks to the following people for helping us make this a reality! 

Nyamka Idema, Dani Walthall, Anja Brown, Norjmaa Javzan, Batbold Chimed, Tsenguun Altannar, Gankhuyag Ganzorig, Tamir Purev, Tserenchimed Sainnokhoi, Purevdorj ,Ts, Ganzorig Basan, Gantumur Khastumur, Batbayr Damiran, Ariunsanaa, Zorigtbaatar Dashnyam, Amarsaikhan Batsaikhan, Baatar Altangerel, Ontsbayar Tumurbaatar Batjargal, Gombodorj Doyoddorj, Lynn Sue Maxwell, Pual Gesek, Mary Williams, Westward, Karl C. Bushby, Angela Maxwell, Erika Kightlinger, Gabriel Shonerd, Jamie Ramsay, Kevin O’Shea, Robert Atwater


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